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A Cornish Mystery series by Carola Dunn has 4 books in it.  The main character in this series if Eleanor Trewynn who has moved to a small town in Cornwall after retiring.  Her niece, Megan Pencarrow who is a Detective Inspector with the local police force, is also one of the main characters.

A Cornish Mystery by Carola Dunn

In this story Eleanor, called Aunt Nell, her dog Teazle, Megan and Nick (Eleanor’s artist neighbour) are out for a walk along the seaside cliffs when a body is spotted floating in the water.  Megan and Nick rescue this man, who is unconscious and barely alive.  When he does come round, if only for a few minutes, he mentions others that are stranded and quite ill.  With the help of the local seamen and the lifeboat they set out to find the others.   The story unfolds as the others are discovered but questions arise as to why they were where they were found, how did they get there (legally or illegally) and what will happen to them.

A Cornish Mystery by Carola Dunn

The Commonwealth Relations Office asks Elanor to assist in a secret conference that is to take place in a small hotel outside the historical village of Tintagel. With her niece, Megan, they investigate murder.

Other titles in this series are Manna From Hades and A Colourful Death.

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