A Year of Following the Honeysuckle

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A project that is coming to an end is the following of the honeysuckle shrub for the past year.  This was a fun project following the progress throughout a gardening year from March 2014 to February 2015.

The honeysuckle is still in its dormant mode.  The garden is covered in snow and Nature is performing its magic below ground getting ready for a new season of growth.

tree following at craftygardener.ca

 I have paths dug around the garden to get to the various bird feeding areas and the path goes right by the honeysuckle garden so I was able to take a few photos of the snow accumulating in the crooks of the branches.

These small images show the honeysuckle garden area since I’ve been following this shrub.  It is so interesting to look back over the year and see how the look of the garden changes.

follow that honeysuckle follow that honeysuckle

March 7, 2014             April 5, 2014

follow that honeysuckle   follow that honeysuckle

 May 5, 2014     June 6, 2014

 tree following at craftygardener.ca   tree following September 2014 - honeysuckle shrub at craftygardener.ca

July 7, 2014   September 2014

honeysuckle 0ctaa  6novhoneysucklegdn4a

October 2014     November 2014

following the honeysuckle at craftygardener.ca  febhoneysucklegdn3a

January 2015     February 2015

Thanks for stopping by to see the progress of the honeysuckle shrub over the year.  I’ve enjoyed visiting the sites of those participating and seeing the progress.

Join Lucy and others as they say … I’m Following a Tree.

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