Honeysuckle Shrub Following

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There isn’t much going on with the honeysuckle shrub I’ve been  following since last March.  I’m sharing the December and January photos in this post as for some reason I didn’t share in December.

December was a mild month in my part of Canada with hardly any snow.  Winter arrived on December 21 but our usual weather didn’t.  Overall the month was a green month as can be seen in this photo from December 4.  The honeysuckle stands tall and bare.

following the honeysuckle at craftygardener.ca
Over the last weekend we had some snow followed by rain which then turned to ice.

following the honeysuckle at craftygardener.ca

The honeysuckle is now coated in ice as is the rest of the garden.  The ice gives us wonderful photo opportunities.

following the honeysuckle at craftygardener.ca

Here is the honeysuckle garden this morning.  It is bitterly cold and expected to get colder as the day progresses.  Right now it is registering about -25 Celsius plus some wind chill.  I didn’t venture off the deck to get any close up photos of branches or trunk today as it is just too cold.

following the honeysuckle at craftygardener.ca

These small images show the honeysuckle garden area since I’ve been following this shrub.

follow that honeysuckle follow that honeysuckle

March 7, 2014             April 5, 2014

follow that honeysuckle   follow that honeysuckle

 May 5, 2014     June 6, 2014

 waxwing1a   tree following September 2014 - honeysuckle shrub at craftygardener.ca

July 7, 2014   September 2014

honeysuckle 0ctaa  6novhoneysucklegdn4a

October 2014     November 2014

Thanks for stopping by to see the progress of the honeysuckle shrub over the past month.

Join Lucy and others as they say … I’m Following a Tree.

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