Laden With Berries

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The honeysuckle shrub is laden with red berries.  It’s is the beginning of July and it is time to check in with the tree following at Lucy’s blog.

berries on the honeysuckle shrub

All the branches, including all the new ones that grew this year have bunches of red berries.

cedar waxwing in the honeysuckle shrub

The cedar waxwings are one of the birds that love to eat these berries.

honeysuckle shrub

We have had some love blue skies lately and it is fun to look upwards and take photos to see how the sun changes the colours of the leaves.

cedar waxwing in the honeysuckle shrub

It can get hard to see the waxwings as they get right inside the shrub to nibble away at the berries.

honeysuckle garden july 6, 2014
This is the view of the honeysuckle garden taken from the deck.  Here are some comparison photos since joining the tree following adventure.

follow that honeysuckle follow that honeysuckle   follow that honeysuckle   follow that honeysuckle

March 7, 2014             April 5, 2014               May 5, 2014   June 6, 2014

previous updates

Thanks for stopping by to see the progress of the honeysuckle shrub over the past month.

Join Lucy and others as they say … I’m Following a Tree.

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