The Honeysuckle as April begins

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It is time to check in with the tree following at Lucy’s blog.  I’m following the honeysuckle tree/shrub.   There hasn’t been a lot of change except that a fair bit of the snow around the shrub and the garden has vanished.  The ground is visible in spots.

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After some research on the honeysuckle shrub I’ve narrowed it down to 2 species … Morrow’s honeysuckle and Tartarian honeysuckle.  I’m leaning towards it being the Tartarian honeysuckle which is multi stemmed plant that grows about 5 meters tall (or 16 feet for non metric viewers)


It reproduces from the seeds in the berries.  This plant is abundant in southern Ontario but can also be found east towards Nova Scotia.  I’ll continue to do research during the time I’m following this tree.

The biggest change in the past month has been the removal of the broken branch.


The damaged limb was trailing onto the ground and up till now it has been frozen in.  But with temperatures just above zero Celsius the thawing is taking place.


The cutters came out on April 2 and the limb was cut away from the main shrub.  I’m hoping this will encourage some new shoots over the next few weeks.


The cut shows the rings of growth.  We have lived in this house since 1986 and it was here when we moved in, so it is at least 28 years old.


This photos, taken April 2,  shows how the snow is melting away.  My brick inuksuk is totally showing and it didn’t even topple over during the winter.   The tipsy buckets are also in this garden as well as the old wheelbarrow that is planted with sedums.  There should be more change to see over the next month as the days get warmer, and the buds begin to appear.


These are photos taken on April 6 … the snow is receding, the stone wall is just about all visible.  I know that by the time the next link up in May is ready there will be many changes.

Join Lucy and others as they say … I’m Following a Tree.

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