There’s a Hole in my Bucket

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There’s actually more than a hole in one of the buckets … the bottom is totally rusted out.  That gives a whole new meaning to the bottomless pit concept.   Then I have 3 other buckets that each have 4 holes in them.  Another couple of buckets are perfectly fine … but along comes the drill and there is a hole in my bucket!!


In other years I’ve just used the buckets to grow plants in … from geraniums to peas.


But this year, along came a piece of rebar and those buckets became tipsy.


The rebar was hammered into the ground at least 45 cm … maybe a bit more.  This gives the buckets support but it can’t be seen.   Then the bottomless bucket was slid down over the rebar.  I had a black plastic plant pot fitted inside it.  Then the black buckets ( a find from Freecycle a few years ago) were slid down the rebar an positioned, and then the 2 buckets with the added holes were placed  on top.  I couldn’t get the black bucket to sit on the edge of the first bucket, so I just might have to reposition them till I’m happy.


And the tipsy buckets were created.  Now all they need are some trailing plants.   But there is cool weather coming for the next couple of nights so I’ll be waiting till then. I’ve set the bucket tipsy up in the trellis garden where it gets a fair bit of sun.   I also have  some tipsy clay pots in the shaded front garden.

This also gives new meaning to the bucket list!

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