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I recently finished another tote bag with some of the green yarn that was left over from the latest afghan.  This is a cross body bag, great for when I’m out walking.  It was made using 4 shades of green Loops & Thread Impeccable yarn.

Trend Setting totes pattern booklet

I use the pattern from Trend Setting Totes.  It’s a favourite of mine and I’ve made a few of the Jaunty Shells pattern.  Some were given as gifts but the latest ones were for me.  I love co-ordinating my bags to my outfits.  I made one in black and greys last Fall.  I’ve also got an all brown one that I made a few years ago but don’t think I ever posted about in this site. As the brown one was the first one I had ever made I followed the pattern exactly.  But the later ones had some pattern adjustments to include different shades.   The black and grey one was done with 9 rows of black shells, 7 rows of dark grey shells, and 5 rows of light grey shells.

Just to change things up a bit on the green one I did 9 rows of deep forest shells, 7 rows of  forest shells, 5 rows fern shells and 3 rows of soft fern shells.  It was finished off with soft fern single crochet rows and a strap of soft fern.

green 'purse'onality tote bag - craftygardener.ca

As always I add a cotton lining into all my bags so that keys and small items don’t poke through the crochet and the strap doesn’t stretch out after a few uses.  There is always in inside pocket for tucking those small items in.

green 'purse'onality tote bag - craftygardener.ca

Here are the three tote bags … same but different.

crochet bags with 'purse'onality at craftygardener.ca


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