The Honeysuckle in November

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I’ve been following the progress of the honeysuckle shrub in the back garden. This was a project suggested by Lucy of Loose and Leafy.  Since March 2014 each month I document the progress with some photos.  So far we’ve gone from lots of snow, to buds, to leaves, to blossoms, to berries, back to leaves, and now almost bare.


From the deck the honeysuckle doesn’t stand out any more, it blends in with the other bare trees behind it. The maple with the golden leaves is the only tree with leaves still on it.


Getting a bit closer you can see that only a few leaves are hanging on now.  Right after I took these photos I moved the wooden girl and boy inside and moved the pile of bricks that was my brick inuksuk to another location in the garden.  It just kept falling down … either the wind, the critters or by the riding tractor as it went by!


You can see inside to the main branches and their bark.  There was a lot of new growth this year (thinner branches) from the hard pruning the shrub has had over the past 2 years.  There is a noticeable different on the bark of these branches … older are more rough and the newest ones are quite smooth.


This photo is closer and you can see the shape of the tree.  At the beginning of the year it was trimmed right back as there were odd branches sticking out all over the place.  Now it is ready for winter and I hope there isn’t any damage this year as there was last year.

There will be a few more updates before the full year of tree following is finished.  Anyone want to take bets that snow will be in the next update?

These small images show the honeysuckle garden area since I’ve been following this shrub.

follow that honeysuckle follow that honeysuckle

March 7, 2014             April 5, 2014

follow that honeysuckle   follow that honeysuckle

 May 5, 2014     June 6, 2014

 waxwing1a   tree following September 2014 - honeysuckle shrub at

July 7, 2014   September 2014

honeysuckle 0ctaa  6novhoneysucklegdn4a

October 2014     November 2014

Thanks for stopping by to see the progress of the honeysuckle shrub over the past month.

Join Lucy and others as they say … I’m Following a Tree.

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