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Monica Ferris writes a Needlecraft mystery series which includes 19 books.  Books that involve crafts of knitting, crochet, embroidery always interest me.

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Betsy Devonshire is visiting her sister, Margot, owner of Crewel World after her divorce. Shortly after her arrival, her sister is murdered in the store and the police feel it is a robbery gone wrong. Betsy does some investigating and finds a lot of suspects and takes it upon herself to pursue it further. Eventually she takes over the business and Godwin is her friend and co-worker in the store.

The Needlecraft Mysteries by Monica Ferris

In Then You Dye classes are offered in Crewel World and this week it is a class on dyeing. Hailey Brent creates hand dyed wool, and yarns using natural vegetable dyes.  A day or so later Hailey’s body is found dead in her workshop.  Even though the police are involved the many friends and customers feel that Betsy should investigate the murder.  She discovers there could be many suspects as there were so many things about Hailey that she didn’t know about.

The Needlecraft Mysteries by Monica Ferris

The 17th book is The Drowning Spool and once again Betsy finds herself in the middle of another death while demonstrating one of her techniques.

The Needlecraft Mysteries by Monica Ferris

Knit Your Own Murder is the 19th book in the series. The Monday Brunch group are knitting items for a fundraiser to save the community center when one of the members, Maddy O’Leary, suddenly dies. She was poisoned by whom? how? and why? and Betsy works to uncover the murderer.

This cozy mysteries series might be what you are looking for to read. And a bonus is that there is usually a pattern included. I’m joining: Booknificent Thursdays, Stacking the Shelves and Book Date.

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