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Daisy Dalrymple mysteries are written by Carola Dunn.   These stories are set in England in the 1920s.  There are 23 adventures that Daisy has taken part in.  So far I’ve read 12 of them and I can’t believe I haven’t done a post on any of them.

In 1922 the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple becomes an independent woman and takes a job writing stories.  She has suffered through many loses … her brother’s death, her fiancé’s death, the death of her father, and the loss of the family home when it passed to the next male heir.

In her first assignment she meets Scotland Yard DCI Alec Fletcher and helps to solve a murder.   Throughout the series Daisy and Alec continue to solve murders and they also become husband and wife.

Daisy Dalrymple mysteries by Carola Dunn

In Mistletoe and Murder, the 11th book in the series, Daisy and Alec are spending Christmas at a distant relative’s home. Daisy is there to write an article about the home, but murder is discovered and Alec is soon drawn into solving it.

Daisy Dalrymple mysteries by Carola Dunn

It is Guy Fawkes night and Daisy and Alec are i the country with a friend. Daisy is expecting and is there to write an article about the Manor House. A double murder is discovered in the study. Gunpowder Plot is the 15th book in the series.

Daisy Dalrymple mysteries by Carola Dunn

In Heirs of the Body, the 21st book in the series, Daisy once again sees the ownership of her family home, Fairacres,  pass to someone else.  The present owner has no children and the search is on to help her cousin Edgar find the rightful heir.  Heirs of the body is a legal term for legitimate offspring and their legitimate offspring etc.

Daisy becomes the family representative and meets four potential heirs.  While the claims are being evaluated the potential heirs arrive at Fairacres and a series of unfortunate accidents begins to occur.  With her husband, Alec, Daisy helps uncover the truth and finds the rightful heir.

These cozy mysteries are always fun to read.  I hope you have time to find one of them at your local library and give them a try.

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  1. Tammy S Asad

    Don’t think I’ve ever heard of this series. And sadly, we don’t have any libraries here. Can barely find decent books most of the time. I always counted on traveling for buying new books but that’s not happening right now. :/

    • Crafty Gardener

      That is a shame you have no libraries there. Travel is certainly out, hope you can find some books to read online.

  2. Vondean Erickson

    I never heard of this series and they look so good. Our libraries are not open yet and from the look of things it will be awhile.

    • Linda

      Gosh Linda you know so many great mystery writers, some I’ve never heard of. I can’t wait for the library to open as I have a list as long as my arm I want to read thanks to you ?

      • Crafty Gardener

        Our library is closed again during our third shutdown, but they do offer curbside pickup, I’ve been getting my books from our library ebook program.

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