At The Fly Thru Feeder

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The latest feeder is really popular with the birds.  I’m calling it the fly thru feeder as the birds can get right inside to enjoy the seed.  Perhaps it should be fly-thru like the drive-thru restaurants. The downy woodpecker lands … Continued

Little Bird Big Voice

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Little Bird Big Voice May 20, 2017 Starting as soon as the sun begins to rise the little wren starts calling.  It has many places it likes to perch and sing. When it isn’t windy the wren likes to sit on … Continued

2sDay: Doves

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2sDay Doves May 16, 2017 It’s 2sDay and time for photos of 2 of the same thing.  This week it is doves. Doves, or mourning doves, are frequent visitors to the garden all year round.  They are a light brown/grey … Continued

2sDay: Starlings

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For my play on words I’ll be posting some 2sDay photos on random Tuesdays.  Each photo will include 2 of the same thing.  For 2sDay this week I’m sharing photos from the archives.  two starlings snapped in the garden during a snow … Continued

The House Finches

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House finches are frequent visitors to the feeders in the garden.  They snack on black oil sunflower seed, safflower and mixed bird seed.