The House Finches

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House finches are frequent visitors to the feeders in the garden.  They snack on black oil sunflower seed, safflower and mixed bird seed.

I shared some purple finch photos a little while ago and today I’m sharing the house finch photos.

The males have reddish heads and breast while the females are greyish brown with streaks on their body.  I was lucky to capture a photo of both of them at one of the coconut feeders filled with black oil sunflower seeds.

male and female house finch at

They have conical beaks perfect for cracking and eating the seeds but they can also be found foraging on the ground under the feeders for other types of seed.

house finches at

House finches are easily confused with purple finches.   I try to look at the wing bars for ID help.  The house finch has beige/white wing bars and the purple finch has rose coloured wing bars.

how to distinguish house finches and purple finches at

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