Out and About During March

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March came in lovely and March is leaving with a rainy day.  In between the weather was changeable from ice storms to snow to rain and some nice warm days.  We took advantage when we could and got out and about enjoying ourselves – from walking to attending different events.

We went to the second Seedy Saturday for this year.  This one was held in a school in the next town over and was smaller than the first one we went to but it was just as interesting.

Quinte West Seedy Saturday

We got to talk to knowledgable people about growing garlic, worm factories, and making mason bee nests.  I took seeds to swap and came away with some more herbs, tomato seeds, and lettuce seeds.   I already started the tomato seeds on March 21 and as of March 28 they were beginning to send up those fine shoots.  Thanks to the organizers who made this an enjoyable day.

Belleville Sportsman Show

The Sportsman Show was held in the Quinte Wellness and Sports Centre.  This gets you into the spring feeling with boats, trailers, RVs, fishing displays.  It really makes you want to get out and enjoy yourself as soon as the weather warms up.

Belleville Seniors Fair

Another week there was a Seniors Information Fair.  There were people to talk to about retirement residences, vacations, investments, government agencies, services for seniors, health concerns and many seminars.   The attendance was fantastic and it proved to be a worthwhile experience.

The best outing of the month was a bus trip to Canada Blooms.  This has become a yearly event for us since we both retired.

Canada Blooms 2016

The flower displays were awesome and made you long to see blooms in your own garden.

Canada Blooms 2016

Amazing ideas that could be adapted to your own garden.  The mason bee house was made from a 2 litre plastic bottle filled with hollow stalks and pieces of logs with holes drilled in the ends of them.  Both are projects that I will try out this year.

Canada Blooms 2016

Ideas that could be done on a smaller scale to suit your own areas.  I love how off cuts of wood had been put together to create a fence.  I can see a smaller version of this in one of my garden areas.

Thrasher's Garden Centre

One of our favourite local places to visit is Thrasher’s Garden Centre and Feed Store right in the town.  We buy birdseed there in big 50 lb bags.  At this time of the year it is lovely to walk around the store and check out the seeds, the bulbs, the plants, the varieties of bird seed and all the gardening gadgets they sell.  As well as bird seed I also got some onion sets to plant in my kitchen garden.

the gardener side at craftygardener.ca

 Have you been getting Out and About?

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