2sDay: Bluejays

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Photos from the archives of 2 bluejays for 2sDay. Blue jays belong to the Corvidae family native to North America. The corvidae family also includes crows, magpies, rooks, jackdaws, and others (up to 100 varieties). This family of birds have … Continued

12 Birds of Christmas

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The 12 Days of Christmas song is always a favourite that is sung around Christmas time but the 12 days of Christmas actually starts on December 25 and runs through till January 5.   These photos are from my files … Continued

Silo Feeder Modifications

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We received two lovely silo feeders for Christmas last year, but after using them for a good portion of the year decided they needed a bit of modification. The saucer part at the bottom wasn’t really that big. No sooner … Continued