Silo Feeder Modifications

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We received two lovely silo feeders for Christmas last year, but after using them for a good portion of the year decided they needed a bit of modification.

adapting the silo feeders at

The saucer part at the bottom wasn’t really that big.

adapting the silo feeders at

No sooner had they been filled, the bigger birds came along and chucked out most of the seed, taking only what interested them. Most of the seed ended up on the ground.

adapting the silo feeders at

So I adapted them with a couple of plant saucers fixed on with E600 glue and the glue gun. Not the prettiest fix but it seems to work. The small birds can still use the perches.

adapting the silo feeders at

The smaller birds go right inside.

adapting the silo feeders at

The big birds don’t land on them as much and when they do they land on the rim of the saucer instead of the little perches.

adapting the silo feeders at

The seed they don’t want falls into the saucer and the small birds can enjoy the feast.

adapting the silo feeders at

A few holes were drilled into the bottom of the saucer to allow for drainage.

adapting the silo feeders at

You can see all the feed in the bigger saucer that would of fallen onto the ground. The ground feeders aren’t missing out as there is still plenty around for them.

adapting the silo feeders at

The birds took to it right away and have been flitting in and out at feeding times.

adapting the silo feeders at

The windows have been cleaned for winter bird watching from the inside.

adapting the silo feeders at

We have had several days of unseasonable mild weather for November, but today it is clouding over and rain is supposed to be moving in. That will probably be the end of our warm weather.

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  1. Linda

    What a great idea how did you attach the saucers? I love the birds that visit your garden it’s a visual feast! For some reason the birds still aren’t visiting my garden, the feeders remain full apart from the peanuts I don’t know how they are going down as I never see any birds there.

    • Crafty Gardener

      I use E6000 glue with dabs of glue from the glue gun. The E6000 takes awhile to dry so the glue gun glue holds it in place till it is. I’m not sure how it will hold up in the winter, but I can always reapply the glue.

  2. Myrtle

    Linda, that is a great idea! I love all the birds visiting, I love the Cardinals, the male is so pretty.

    It is overcast here, may see some sun and last day of double digits.

  3. Eileen


    What a great idea and modification to the feeder. I could use one like that here.
    The squirrels hang on my feeders tilting them and the seed slides out onto the ground. You have a nice variety of birds, great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  4. Anni

    Great idea. Birds don’t care what it looks like as long as there is food! (Wish I could wash windows…we have permanent hurricane shutters keeping me from accessing the outer panes).
    Thanks for stopping by & adding your shared link at IRBB.

  5. Lavender Dreams

    Even though our weather is mild year round, we love feeding the birds. You have such a nice variety at your feeders! Enjoy your weekend!

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