2sDay: Starlings

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For my play on words I’ll be posting some 2sDay photos on random Tuesdays.  Each photo will include 2 of the same thing.  For 2sDay this week I’m sharing photos from the archives.  two starlings snapped in the garden during a snow … Continued

The Trees Were Full …

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The back trees were full this afternoon (Saturday October 26, 2013) … not full of leaves but full of starlings and some blackbirds! A huge, noisy flock (murmuration) of blackbirds arrived in the trees.  What a commotion they made.  I … Continued


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The common European starling can be quite the pest in the garden, especially when they arrive in large flocks and devour all the bird food in site.  They are also quite noisy and leave a mess with their droppings.  Yet … Continued