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The common European starling can be quite the pest in the garden, especially when they arrive in large flocks and devour all the bird food in site.  They are also quite noisy and leave a mess with their droppings.  Yet when you get over their bad reputation they are a very pretty bird and pose well for the camera, even on snowy days.


European starlings were introduced to North America over a century ago.  Starlings often arrive in flocks of blackbirds, grackles, and cow birds.


They are scavengers for food.  I’m always pleased when the flocks arrive in the spring as they will clear the ground of all seed that dropped over the winter.


I get annoyed when they eat all the suet, but it is winter and they do need to eat.  But that doesn’t stop me from banging on the window or opening and closing the door when I think they are hogging the feeders and the little birds can’t get in.

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