Cheep Rent

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Cheep rent or perhaps that could be cheep ‘wren’t.

On one of our local drives along Country Road 5 there is a wonderful display of birdhouses and I’m sure I’m not the only one that stops to take photographs of this building that has at least 2 walls covered in birdhouses.  I’m not sure any birds live in these houses but lots of passer bys admire them.  The building is close to the side of the road and it is easy to pull over and enjoy the view.


This photo was taken a couple of years ago, obviously in the summer.

Barn displaya

This image is a collage of different photos taken in November 2012.  There is quite the variety of styles of birdhouses, a nice mix of single dwellings, duplexes, condos and apartment buildings.  Perhaps builders of new homes should take note and offer more variety in the new subdivisions.

birdhouse bldg1

We have 5 different birdhouses in our garden.  Two are occupied year round, and the others are seasonal visitors.  Do you have any birdhouses in your garden?

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