The Trees Were Full …

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The back trees were full this afternoon (Saturday October 26, 2013) … not full of leaves but full of starlings and some blackbirds!

A huge, noisy flock (murmuration) of blackbirds arrived in the trees.  What a commotion they made.  I just had to video them to capture the sounds and then clap (my husband did that part while I did the camera part) so they would fly away.

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But they all came back to check out the lawn.  One of the things I like about these birds is they clean up all the dropped seed under the feeders.

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I usually don’t put out any suet till these big flocks have passed through and I’m sure you can figure out why.

It had been pouring of rain all day but that didn’t stop the birds.

Have you had any large flocks of birds passing through the garden?


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