Whimsical Toadstools

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 Adding whimsy to the garden gets to be addictive.  Several years ago I made some mosaic toadstools out of pot saucers and old tiles.  The tiles were a freecycle find and the half marbles were left over from other projects.

The large toadstool uses a  22 cm. (9 inch) saucer from a flower pot and an empty blue bottle.  The smaller toadstool uses a 15 cm. (6 inch) flower pot saucer and a smaller plastic blue bottle.

whimsical toadstools at craftygardener.ca

 The broken tiles and marbles were glued on using Crafters Goop and when dry I used a waterproof grout.  Poke the bottle necks into the ground and place the saucer on top for a cute whimsical toadstool.

whimsical toadstools at craftygardener.ca

One year I made a “dishroom” … so called because it was made from an old pottery dish that had been painted and turned upside down on a tall clay vase.  The dish was painted with a few layers of acrylic paint and then sprayed with a fixative.  When it totally dried it had a crackle effect.

whimsical toadstools at craftygardener.ca

They were all grouped around a little yellow step ladder in the fence garden last year.  The base of the big blue one was actually the base of the dish at one time.

whimsical toadstools at craftygardener.ca

The old birdcage got planted up towards the end of the season and became a succulent planter.  But just like those mushrooms that keep popping up in the garden after a rain storm, I never know where my whimsical toadstools will be located from year to year.

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