Hello Miss Mosaic

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What do I do with an abundance of raffia? I use it to make hair for the latest member in my Stumpy Family.

Here is how I made Miss Mosaic from an old mailbox post, raffia, googly eyes, a lid from a tin, glue, a drill, yarn, and a mosaic pot.

Glue was spread over the tin lid, and the raffia was pressed into it. Then it got turned upside down on the old post and screwed in.

The pot was tried out for size and so I could mark where to glue the eyes and mouth. A quick and easy whimsical project.

I decided to put her in the honeysuckle garden where I have the tea thyme area. Everyone needs a cup of tea after being in the garden. The china in the mosaics was from old broken tea cups and saucers.

I’ve got a few more logs that can be transformed into more tea thyme companions for Miss Mosaic.

Lots of garden whimsy.

garden whimsy at craftygardener.ca
Stumpy family at craftygardener.ca
The Stumpy Family in the front garden
The Stumpy Family in winter at craftygardener.ca
Some of the Stumpy Family in winter.

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  1. Margie

    Your whimsical garden decor always makes me smile.

    Is Miss Mosaic made from broken pieces of teacups and saucers?

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Margie, yes the mosaic pieces are teacups and saucers. It was a bit of a sad story as a neighbour of the lady that hosts the Friday crafting sessions, had knocked a shelf over and a lot of her cups broke. 🙁 She gave the pieces to our craft instructor knowing she would make good use of them. 🙂 some of the pieces are a bit rounded from the various cups and saucers.

  2. Myrtle

    Miss mosaic fits right in your Honeysuckle garden ready for tea tyme but I think she neads company. I agree with Jennifer that you are a craft queen.

    • Crafty Gardener

      She does need some company and I’ve got my eye on another log that will work, just need to haul it out from the very back pile. Thunder storms this Wednesday morning, so giving everything a good watering.

  3. Vondean Erickson

    What a nice thing to see with everything going on in our world. I can see you have so many neat ideas and use things most people would throw out. I really can’t wait to see what you will do next.
    Have a great week. Is to get very warm here. I got up early to water my plants outside and was getting warm then.

    • Crafty Gardener

      We’ve had some hot days Vondean, and thunder storms this morning (Wednesday) giving everything a good watering.

  4. Allyson

    It’s always nice to have some whimsy around us ~ Miss Mosaic is so cute!

  5. Margy

    She’s a cutie. I saw a hummingbird here at the condo a few days ago. I don’t want to get a seed feeder because when I had one for my mom it was such a mess on the porch. I found a feeder that looks like it could sit on the small table outside along with my small geranium. I need to find more things to amuse myself here in the city. – Margy

  6. linda keaveney

    Ha!!! You are the best Linda…You must have been a fabulous schoolteacher..
    Always a new craft on the horizon…?

  7. Michelle

    So cute! I love the whimsy of this project!

    Thank you for sharing with Creative Compulsions!

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