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It’s time for all L to break loose in the garden.

My favourite has to be Little Red who seems to have claimed our garden and lets all the other squirrels know they are in his/her territory.  Little Red loves to explore … sitting on the frog, inside the birdhouse, on the washing line, munching snacks, checking out the sign post and relaxing on the deck railing.

Little Red at
Little Red

Garden whimsy starting with L includes ladybug rocks and claypot lighthouses.

ladybug rocks and claypot lighthouses at
L whimsy

Plants starting with L are numerous (left to right top then bottom)  … lupins, lilies, liatris, ligularia, let’s streak hosta (middle) lady’s mantle, lilacs, lavender and lily of the valley.  And lots of them just happen to be lilac in colour as well.

blooms starting with L at
plants beginning with L

An old wooden ladder has been transformed into a garden area and it has gone through several transformations over the years.  For the past couple of years it has been on one area of the deck and I have displayed all sorts of teacup planters and craf-tea things on it.

the ladder garden at
ladder garden

The ladder has even been moved inside in the winter and displays the Christmas village.

the Christmas village on the old ladder at

In my hunt for alphabet letter, I found L in a couple of different places … one was part of a bridge in Ottawa and the other was found in a museum displaying old tools.  Do you see the L on the wall?  I loved the A that was there as well.

alphabet search for L at

There is a wild plant that grows in the garden, fields, meadows and ditches called Queen Anne’s Lace. This is also known as wild carrot, bishop lace, bird’s nest plant because the umbrells close up to look like a nest.

queen anne lace growing at
Queen Anne’s Lace

For my personal alphabet L gave me lots of choices and I’ve included the previous letters in case you haven’t been following along.

  • A – accepting, active, adaptable, amicable
  • B- bird watcher, book lover, British by birth,
  • C – crafter, Canadian by choice, cat lover, cheerful,
  • D – determined, decisive, dependable,
  • E – energetic, easy going, English,
  • F – friendly, frugal, fastidious, forthright,
  • G – Granny, gardener,
  • H – helpful, handy, happy, hard working
  • I – imaginative, inventive
  • J – joyful, jolly, jaunty
  • K – knitter, knowledgeable, kindred
  • L – list maker, learned, library goer, loved, lenient and of course Linda

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  1. Myrtle

    Loved your collection of letter L. Dave and I had a red squirrel in Barrie and yes he/she put the run to the others lol.

  2. Margie

    I gotta admit that I’m partial to this letter because it’s one of my initials.

    I’m also a “library goer.”

  3. Su-sieee! Mac

    I like your L’s. Your ladders in your garden inspired me to turn my old red ladder into a plant holder on the patio. Thanks for the idea!

    • Crafty Gardener

      I’m going to paint the ladder this year, got it inside and already to go, just need to pick out a colour. I would choose a bright one for the garden but as I also use it inside for the Christmas village I just might go with white. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. ABC Wednesday

    That little squirrel is very cute, thankfully I see them overhere every now and then to

    Your hunt for L… had succes, how wonderful to see that I am not the only one who looks with such a look on things

    Have a heartwarming en splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    M e l o d y (team ABC-W)

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