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When is a balcony a deck? or vice versa?   While in British Columbia I did a lot of photo taking from the second level balcony.  But it had stairs that went to the backyard, so does that make it a raised deck?  Whatever it was, it provided great views around the back of the house and I got into the habit of going out at certain time of the day to spot some wildlife.

balcony or raised deck??

One flock of birds that could always been seen were the quails.  These are skittish birds and would venture out from under the trees, only to scurry quickly back at the slightest sound.

quail photographed in British Columbia 2016, at

Here they are moving quickly along a fence.

quail photographed in British Columbia 2016, by

A deer took to sitting in the sunny spots, either close to the feeder or over in the corner of the yard.  Don’t you just love their big ears listening for any sounds?

deer photographed in British Columbia, 2016 by

One afternoon I spotted a racoon gathering up food under the feeder.  I was surprised to see it out during the day as usually they are nocturnal critters.  These photos aren’t the sharpest as the racoon was over the fence in a neighbours yard and there were lots of branches and grasses in the way, so the focus on the camera always wants to zero in on the closest things, which didn’t happen to be the racoon this day.

racoon photographed in British Columbia 2016, by

Another day I was busy and heard the calls of Granny, come with your camera!  In the midst of a flock of sparrows at the feeder was a budgie.  We can only assume this was a pet that escaped, yet it seemed right at home in the sparrows and enjoyed the seed from the feeder.  Thank goodness the weather in Victoria, BC is milder than here in Ontario, as I don’t think the budgie would survive the cooler temperatures we are now experiencing.

a budgie photographed in British Columbia 2016, by

The fifth sighting was once again of a deer, not sure if it was the same one.  But this time it was enjoying a snack at a neighbour’s house.  This photo was taken from an upstairs window facing the front of the house.

deer photographed in British Columbia, 2016 by

So that’s some quail, a racoon, a deer in two different locations and a budgie for Five on Friday this week.  Stop by Five on Friday and see what others have been up to this week.

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