Murchie’s, Since 1894

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Did you ever enter a store and know right away you will really enjoy it?   The sights and smells as we entered Murchie’s was amazing.   This is a tea/coffee store in Victoria, British Columbia.   If only my suitcases weren’t already brimming over I would of bought lots of things.

The window at Murchie’s was all decked out with the British flag and items as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were visiting Victoria the weekend after we left.

Munchie's tea store in Victoria, BC

The displays of teapots, mugs, tea sets, china and accessories was spectacular.  They came in every shape, size and colour you could image.  I know I saw several things I would of loved to purchase and bring home.

Munchie's tea store in Victoria, BC

The aromas from the teas and coffees was amazing.  There were so many varieties I don’t know how you would ever sample all of them.  These cups and pots wouldn’t even be considered for my tea time tree.

Munchie's tea store in Victoria, BC

One of the most favourite things that caught my eye was a Beatrix Potter tea set.  My husband would of bought it in a flash, but it would of been another item to carry carefully on board the airplane and we would already hands our full with other things like cameras, iPads, and carry on bags filled with other treasures.  It came in its own little suitcase and it would of fit perfectly with some other Beatrix Potter china that I already had at home.  (I’ll share them all later).  But I do have a photo to remind me of it.  Perhaps I’ll look online and see what I can find.  It would be an adorable Christmas gift.

Beatrix Potter teaset at Munchie's tea store in Victoria, BC

Another favourite was this delicate bone china cup and saucer in a pale shade of green with white polka dots.  I could imagine sipping tea from it.  Tea tastes so much better in a china cup, don’t you think so?

Murchie's tea store in Victoria, BC

I’m a tea Granny for sure, how about you?   You would love seeing this whimsical display in one corner of the store.

Munchie's tea store in Victoria, BC

For those that had time you could order tea, coffee and snacks right in the store.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to sit and enjoy anything that day as we had already visited China Town and were heading down Government Street checking out all the other amazing stores.

Murchie's tea store in Victoria, BC

I’m sharing my visit to Murchie’s with Tuesday Cuppa Tea and Teacup Tuesday.

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  1. Monique

    Oh you left that tea set there? I was Googling and your post came up:) What a sweet set!

  2. Missy

    I have the tea set like the one in the first picture. Lovely set!! I just don’t have room for most of my things I’ve held onto over the years.

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