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It has been awhile since I’ve shared any posts as we have been visiting our family in beautiful British Columbia.   The weather was gorgeous while we were there, only 1 real day of rain and a few early morning sprinkles.  We had a fantastic time with our family and saw lots of new sights in and around Victoria, BC.

The flights there and back were great and all on time, which certainly makes travelling a better experience.  I’m always ready with the camera and was able to capture this shadow of the plane during take off from Pearson Airport.

reflection of plane take off at Pearson Airport at

Taking photos through the plane window from a max of 37000 feet was a challenge but one that was worth attempting.  A lot of the time it was full cloud cover and it did get a bit bumpy coming down through the clouds but the views were spectacular especially going over the Gulf Islands while approaching Victoria Airport.

from the plane window travelling to BC at

We had two celebrations while we were there.  Those of you with families in far away places know you can’t always be there on holidays and birthdays.  So we took the opportunity to celebrate Christmas and our grandson’s 5th birthday while there.  As our family had just moved into a new house we talked about where the Christmas tree would go and where the different decorations would be placed.  Our grandson got to enjoy his birthday present a little bit early.

early celebrations at

We did lots of wonderful things while there … walking the beaches … collecting shells and driftwood … nature walks … seeing gorgeous gardens … capturing photos of wildlife … playing in parks and the backyard.   I took so many photos it will take me awhile to organize them and share some of the gorgeous places.

visiting beautiful British Columbia

I’m busy doing laundry today, getting caught up with emails, and getting adjusted to the Ontario time zone.  The fridge and cupboards need stocking up but at least the house is clean and tidy as no one has been here for just over two weeks.

It is always sad to leave family when the vacation comes to an end but when you get to your destination after a long day of travel by car, planes, and train your spirits get lifted when the other part of your family is waiting at the train station with hugs and kisses and cards that say welcome home.

welcome home at

I hope to get back to regular sharing posts in a day or so and I will also get back to my regular visiting of my favourite blogs. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  I hope you are having a great weekend.

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