Recipe: Perfect Fried Eggs

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I am an egg lover and prefer to use free range eggs from the local farm when they are available. These come from our local farm.

farm fresh eggs from Victory Hill Farm

Eggs are naturally gluten free, have a wonderful source of protein and other nutrients and contain healthy fats.

Ways I cook eggs:

Perfect fried eggs can be made simply by cracking the eggs into a pan with a little melted butter.

cooking perfect fried eggs at

When they start to go a little white, cover with a lid. Have the heat on medium low.

cooking perfect fried eggs at

Leave the lid on for a couple of minutes, and presto you have perfect sunny side up eggs without having the flip them and worry about breaking the yolks.

cooking perfect fried eggs at

Slide out onto your plate and serve with fries, or oven potatoes or your favourite side.

cooking perfect fried eggs at

A delicious breakfast for dinner meal.

cooking perfect fried eggs at
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My cooking is always gluten free. Find a yummy recipe to cook.

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