Recipe: Goulash

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Goulash is a traditional recipe made with ground beef, noodles/pasta, onions, tomatoes, and a few veggies. It is frequently called Sloppy Joe as well.

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Mine is not so traditional and I made it gluten free by using naturally gluten free ingredients, gluten free pasta, and a gluten free gravy.

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I use a can of chopped tomatoes, a cup of gluten free fuselli, some frozen peas, carrots, onion and celery and a packet of gluten free gravy mix.

making gluten free goulash at

I use about 1/2 pound of extra lean ground beef and brown it in the pan. The fuseilli is cooked and drained. Once the meat has cooked I add the frozen veggies, fuseilli and prepared gravy and simmer it all for about 45 minutes.

making gluten free goulash at

It makes a meal with a salad on the side, or your choice of side dish.

making gluten free goulash at

I always cook enough for leftovers and another day I added a scoop onto a gluten free bun for a tasty meal.

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My cooking is always gluten free. Find a yummy recipe to cook.

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  1. Vondean Erickson

    Linda this looks so delicious. I had never put gravy mix in mine and will try that when I make some next week.

    I am so glad to see you are back with your website. I love to see the robin nest and remember how they would build them on top of my porch light. We never used the light until the babies were gone.

    I went out and watered some potted plants this morning. My rose bushes are doing well.

    The light you mentioned would be a wonderful thing as in the evening my table light does not give out enough light. I will have to be ordering one from Amazon.
    Have a good week.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Vondean, I used to use a can of tomato soup in my goulash/sloppy joe but found out it isn’t gluten free, so switched to gravy. I love my neck light and use it for stitching and reading. I’m going to try it out when working on a jigsaw puzzle. It is still raining here, so patiently waiting to get outside in the warmer weather. In another couple of weeks it will be time to do some planting of veggies. Enjoy the day.

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