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Another of my favourite mystery series is written by Rhys Bowen and features Molly Murphy.  Molly was introduced to us as an Irish girl fleeing from Ireland when she committed murder in self defence.  She arrives via Ellis Island in the USA and immediately becomes prime suspect in a murder.  She strikes out on her own to find the killer.  She decided to become a private investigator in New York City.  It was most unheard of in those days that women did any sort of work, especially detective work.

The Molly Murphey series by Rhys Bowen

The 17 book series introduces characters that are in each book … Molly, Daniel, Gus and Sid (Molly’s friends)

Molly Murphy has married Daniel Sullivan, a captain with the New York Police Department and they are off on their honeymoon.  The first time they tried to get away on honeymoon it was spoiled because Daniel was involved in a big police case.   Alderman Brian Hannan offers them the use of his cottage on his estate.  Hannan had said something was troubling him and he wanted to discuss it with Daniel.  There was a terrific rain and thunder storm when they arrived and the estate was all locked up.  They had to climb the wall to get in and ended up sleeping in the stable.  They were both soaked and this led to Daniel getting very sick.

The Molly Murphey series by Rhys Bowen

Strangely enough all the family had been summoned to the estate as well and no one knew why.  The next morning it was discovered that Brian Hannan had died and it was assumed he had fallen over the cliff to his death.  Daniel continues to get sick and Molly does some sleuthing on her own even though she was to have given up sleuthing when she married.

When they first arrived she thought she saw a face in one of the upper windows but was assured that no one lived up there.  She discovered that several years previous the granddaughter of Hannan had also died falling over the cliff in the exact same spot.  Molly continues to dig into these deaths … she finds a portrait of the dead child for sale in a store … she discovers the secret of the face in the window … she unearths secrets of Hannan’s brother … and finally she solves the deaths of Hannan and his granddaughter.

The Molly Murphey series by Rhys Bowen

Like any series where there is character development and plot development from book to book it is best to read them in order if possible.

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  1. Vondean Erickson

    Hi Linda,
    I have read some of Rhys Bowen’s books and need to check my list of books I have read and see what I have read.
    Our library is closed as well as every thing else. My friends back home said theirs is closed also. I have several books I brought out here with me and so am not at a loss for reading materials.
    I would be lost if I did not read. Growing up and not having TV that is all we did. I had 3 sisters and my mother loved to read so would share our books.
    Take care and have a good day.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Our library is open limited hours. A great program they are running is an Adult book club. Each month you sign up to receive a book of their choice, a word search, a craft, a colouring sheet, a recipe and a treat. It is a great way to get your reading fix each month.

  2. Myrtle

    No, I have not, I like reading actual books and up until this past summer I have been able to read a few chapters before getting blurry, and with my new lens had hoped to be able to read more. I have to say when the gas fireplace is turned on I feel it bothers my eyes. I guess I’m acting my old age and being very stubborn. Thanks, Linda.

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