Look Who is Out!

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On Thursday of this week I looked out the kitchen window and to my surprise I saw the resident chipmunk at the base of the bird feeder.  The camera was ready and I was able to get several good photos of this little lens friend.


Chippy was getting his/her fill of the black oil sunflower seeds dropped by the birds.


Just look at those back feet. The claws are really long as he/she has been sleeping all winter.  Perhaps once Chippy has done some climbing they will wear down a bit.


Are those cheek pouches filled with seed?


Perhaps he/she woke up early and was hungry or perhaps he/she wanted a play in the snow.  Whatever the reason I’m glad I spotted him/her out the window.

I’m sharing with Camera Critters.

Have you seen any lens friends out and about earlier than usual in your garden?

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