Plant Profile: Peruvian Daffodils

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P is for Peruvian daffodils.

I’ve picked a gardening theme for Alphabe-Thursday so that I can post photos of beautiful blooms to cheer us up through the cold, winter days.  Peruvian Daffodils are sometimes referred to as spider flower, probably for the long petals and stamens.  They belong to the family of Amaryllidaceae


I love the green stripes inside the plant.  The blooms can be up to 10 cm. across.


These are tender perennials where I live and I dig the bulbs each fall and store them in a cool, dark place.

peruvian daff bulbs1

Each spring I plant the bulbs in large pots.  I start them off inside so that there is growth before putting them out into the garden.  Be sure to use a good size container so the bulbs don’t become root bound.


The edges of the petals show well in this macro photo as does the lime green inside.


The bulbs do multiply each year so that I had enough for 3 pots last year.


Some of the smaller bulbs did not bloom but did send up lots of straight green leaves.  Another year of growth will probably provide many more gorgeous blooms.


Here you can see the leaves just starting to grow.  I love growing this type of plant in a pot as it can be moved front and center in the garden when it is blooming (end of June) and then moved to the back of the garden when the blooms are finished.

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