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This cozy mystery series is by Frances Brody, set in the 1920’s in England, features Kate Shackleton as a private investigator.  

A Kate Shackleton mystery by Frances Brody

I recently caught up with the first book in the series, even though I have read most of the others.

You might think from the title, Dying in the Wool, the book has something to do with knitting.  I thought it might when I first picked it up but realized the story is set in Yorkshire and is centered around the disappearance, and presumed death, of a mill owner.

Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody

The main character is Kate Shackleton, a widow whose husband is presumed dead in the war, who undertakes finding missing persons.  She is contacted by an old friend, Tabitha Braithwaite, from the war who wants her to find the where about of her father, Joshua, before her wedding day.  Tabitha has offered to pay for Kate’s services which would make this her first official investigation.  At the recommendation of her father she hires Jim Sykes, a former policeman, as her assistant.

Kate sets out for Tabitha’s home to try and get to the bottom of Joshua Braithwaite’s mysterious disappearance.  Did he run off with another woman?  Was he killed for his money?  Did someone want to take over the mill he owned?

Kate is also an amateur photographer and uses her camera to help her solve crimes.  After 2 murders and some sleuthing by Kate and Jim the mystery is unravelled.

Kate Shackleton mysteries by Frances Brody

There are 12 books in the series so far, and I’m waiting to read the last one.

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