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A Fethering Mystery is a series of books written by Simon Brett.  So far there are 19 books in this series which I have been reading over the last couple of years.

Jude and Carole, who are unlikely neighbours and friends, are the 2 sleuths that solve all sort of mysteries around the little village of Fethering, in Sussex on the south coast of England.  Carole is a retired civil servant from the Home Office and Jude, a healer,  keeps her past in the past.  You get the impression she has had a lively and colourful past by  the little bits that are revealed over the series of books.

Carole Seddon is the sensible one and Jude is the unpredictable, bohemian one. I’m not certain if her last name is ever mentioned in the books. A bit more of the mystery that surrounds her.

The one I  recently finished was The Poisoning in the Pub, the 10th in the series. This was one that I missed reading for some reason or other as I usually prefer to read the series in order of publication.

The Feathering Mysteries by Simon Brett

It seems a lot of misfortune was headed to Ted Crisp, owner of the Crown and Anchor pub.

Jude and Carole set out to prove that what was happening to the Crown and Anchor was deliberately organized.  Their sleuthing led them to all sorts of things that they had worked out were connected … the use of bad scallops that caused the food poisoning, a crude comedian, a motorcycle gang that had one thing in mind and that was to start fights,a death because someone knew too much, pub take overs, people who weren’t what they seemed to be,  another death, and some unsavoury characters.

The Feathering Mysteries by Simon Brett

I’ve read up to number 14 in the series. The next three are available for our library and I’ve requested them from the library. Our lock down has just been extended to mid February so I’ll need lots of books to keep me busy.

Simon Brett has some other series as well … Mrs. Pargeter, Blotto and Pinks, and Charles Paris. He has also written a few plays.

So many books, so little time.

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  1. Linda

    Another author I haven’t heard of and the good news is that these are readily available on kindle yay! thanks Linda I can’t wait to start reading these right from the beginning.

    • Crafty Gardener

      I’m picking up a couple of books that are next in the series today, that should keep me in reading material as our lock down has been extended to mid February.

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