Fall-ing into October

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We are into a new season now.  September finished off with a really hot spell, in fact some of the days were hotter than the in July and August.  A quick rain storm abruptly brought that weather to an end and in a matter of minutes the temperature started dropping down.

a relaxed squirrel at craftygardener.ca

It was so hot the squirrel was relaxing under the back tree.

The garden has been un-decorated and all stored away in the garage and shed.  I planted up a new couple of new yucca plants that I had grown from some root when a big plant got moved.

new yucca plants grown from pieces of root at craftygardener.ca

Looking way up, the Jerusalem artichokes are finally blooming.  That plants are so tall, making the small blooms look dwarfed on the top of the stems.

Jerusalem artichokes blooming at craftygardener.ca

We are enjoying as many walks down by the bay as we can fit in before the weather changes too much.  The heron is a favourite subject to photograph and I’m getting in as many shots as possible before it leaves for the winter.

the heron down by the bay taken by craftygardener.ca

Chippy has been scurrying around and stashing up on food for the long winter months ahead.  Here he is pausing for a brief moment to nibble on a seed.  Some of the winter birds have returned … nuthatch, chickadees and the white crowned sparrows have been passing through.  I guess I had better get busy and make some all season suet.

Chippy enjoying a break from gathering seeds for the winter at craftygardener.ca

I don’t think the Fall colours are as spectacular this year, perhaps because of the drought or the heat during September.  This is a photo taken on one of our walks by the bay.

Fall colours by craftygardener.ca

Thanksgiving (in Canada) is coming up soon and the turkey is defrosting and getting ready for cooking.   I’ve been doing up lots of veggies for the freezer so we have an abundant supply over the winter.  I’ve also been making some soups, a couple of new ones were parsnips and apple along with carrot and sweet potato.  I’ll share the recipes soon.  Happy Thanksgiving to our my Canadian friends and family.

I’m getting in list making and planning mode as we are heading to British Columbia at the beginning of December and won’t be returning till early January of 2018.  This will be our first time spending actual Christmas with our family and grandkids out west.  With this visit it will mean we have been out there in each of the seasons.  We will miss our family here in Ontario but the good thing is we will have Christmas with them when we return … double the fun, double the food.

I’m sharing with  Saturday’s Critters  and  Mosaic Monday.

the gardener side at craftygardener.ca


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  1. Margie

    The sprawling squirrel made me smile. I saw on social media recently that some firefighters from Oakville rescued a racoon that got its head stuck in a jar of peanut butter. It feels weird to see people walking around outside in shorts and tees during October.

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      The weather sure has been unusual this year. It’s hard to know what to wear some days, pants in the morning and shorts in the afternoons. But I love this time of year and hope this type of weather continues for a few more weeks.

  2. Julie C

    I love the picture of the squirrel, we are surrounded by falling leaves now and rain but it is still quite mild here at the moment.

  3. Yvette Chilcott

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Linda. I was told yesterday that because of the September drought and high temperatures that there is not as much sugar in the leaves as other years and it’s the sugar that gives the red colour. Just thought you’d like to know.

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      That what I was figuring Yvette. The weather certainly has been unusual this year. I hope it continues for a few more weeks. Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

  4. Kea

    Jerusalem artichoke — I see them everywhere right now, had no idea what they were, so your post was timely. Actually, I was traipsing around with a friend in the Brighton area today, snapping pics of some!

    I love all your photos, they’re always wonderful. What a delight to have that heron around. We saw a kingfisher yesterday AM and I snapped a few pics at max zoom, but have yet to download the pics.

    Take care, enjoy the rest of the week and this still fabulous weather.

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      They can be quite invasive, in fact some of mine have spread into the neighbours yard 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your kingfisher photos. We got some of one awhile ago but the lighting wasn’t right so it was more of a dark outline. The weather is still lovely and I’m hoping it stays around a few more weeks.

  5. Ricki Jill Treleaven

    I keep forgetting that y’all’s Thanksgiving is earlier than ours. I hope you have a blessed one with your family and friends! Lovely post, Linda!

  6. Eileen


    Happy Thanksgiving! Your plants and flowers are beautiful. I love the Autumn trees and colors. Nice variety of critters. The chipper is cute. Love the heron photos. I do not see the black squirrels here, they are pretty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. Marie-OR

    Hope you have a very nice Canadian Thanksgiving! Love the Fall color and the squirrel and chipmunk. Oh, and those Jerusalem Artichokes are lovely.

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