The Wild Grasses

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In the ditches of the rural country roads and along the highways in Ontario huge clumps of common reed grass grow.  This can be a very invasive plant which spreads quickly so I’ve never been tempted to dig some and move it to the garden.  Every year we go and cut some of the huge plumes to add to my winter greenery arrangements.  This huge clump gowns along side the railway tracks on one of the roads into town and it is only a short drive from our house.

We were out during the mild days at the beginning of the month to cut some  plumes to add to the greenery pots that I had recently created.  This big pot sits by the front door and it is so much nicer than seeing an empty pot all winter.

Here are the greenery pots before the plumes were added.  I think that filling pots with greenery counts as gardening.  Don’t you agree?

Have you filled any greenery pots this year?

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