The Bay Bridge

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Connecting Belleville to Prince Edward County is the Bay Bridge, or more formally the Norris Whitney Bridge.  When we moved to this area in 1981 there was the old swing bridge but by 1982 a new structure was built.  That meant no more waiting for the bridge to swing open to allow boats through and it also meant a gorgeous view from the top of the bridge.  There is a walking path across the bridge for those that want to cross by foot.

This view was taken from the van windows as we approached the bridge to cross over from Belleville into the county on a gorgeous November day.  The small community on the other side is called Rossmore in Ameliasburgh township.  To the right of the bridge is Zwicks Park where we go to view the osprey nest.

To the left is part of the waterfront trail that leads up to the Victoria harbour. This view of the bridge is taken from the Belleville side looking south towards the county.

After our drive through the county we stopped by the bridge.  The water was so calm and perfect for reflections.

The causeway to the back is part of the old road that led to the swing bridge.

The name of the bridge is dedicated to Norris E H Whitney who was a member of the Legislative Assembly for Prince Edward-Lexxon from 1951 to 1971.

I was too close to the bridge to get a photo of the whole thing, but this is one from my picture files.

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