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Everyone loves to hear or read the words Thank you.

I give away/sell for postage cost/sell seeds and items on a few different groups online. As most transactions are contactless pick up (due to covid restrictions) there is little chance to talk to the person collecting the items.

I still love to say thank you but had to come up with another way.

making gardening related thankyou cards at

I took the idea of the friendship/kindness cards made from upcycled playing cards and made some thank you cards and some garden related cards. This way I can tuck one into each item that is being picked up. Judging from the comments I’ve had from those that have received them they are very much appreciated.

making upcycled thank you cards at

Gardeners are thinking what to plant in their gardens right now and are busy collecting/buying seeds. It is such a shame that Seedy Saturdays are not going ahead in the usual format this year.

making gardening related thankyou cards at

I used old gardening magazines and seed catalogues for the pictures to go on the backs of the cards and the magazines also had a wealth of words to cut out and use. A recipient messaged and told me she will use her card for a bookmark in her favourite gardening book.


  • lightly sand the fronts of the cards
  • add a base coat, could be gesso or a plain white paint
  • add acrylic paint to cover the front
  • add marks of all sorts
  • add words
  • embellish
  • add a background to the back of the card
  • add an edging to finish off

One day while in the local hardware store I saw some paint chips that reminded me of leaves. So I changed 4 of them into thank you cards following the same method as for the playing cards. I love how they turned out and plan to get some more to make into garden related cards.

making upcycled thank you cards at

I also made a series of cards that could be used as bookmarks and have been including them in the books I get from the little free libraries, books donated to thrift stores and also tucking the odd one into a returned library book.

How to upcycle playing cars into kindness cards at

In these days of covid restrictions it is lovely to connect with people in another way and bring a smile to their face.

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