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The poppies start to poke themselves through the ground about mid April. Poppies belong to the Papaveraceae family and there are at least 100 varieties either annual, biennial or perennial. While I wait for the blooms to appear I’ve been doing some volunteer knitting of poppies.

Soon the roundish hairy heads will appear.

poppies growing at

And then the delicate red blooms will appear.

poppies growing at

Volunteer knitters were requested through the Seniors Center (where I go for many programs and activities when we aren’t in lockdown). This retirement home sponsors so many programs (crafts, lunches, zoom classes) through this center, it is a good way to say thank you for supporting us.

knitted poppies at

They plan to have a display of poppies around their front door for Remembrance Day this November. I will certainly be going to take a photo or two of this display when it is up.

knitted poppies at

The yarn and pattern were provided, I just needed to do the knitting and sew in the centers.

knitted poppies at

It was a simple ribbing pattern done on circular needles, with a button sewn in the center.

knitted poppies at

I’m looking forward to seeing the poppies in the garden.

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4 Responses

  1. Linda

    I love poppies but for some reason I can never get them to grow in my garden. Your knitted poppies are lovely and for a good cause too, I bet the display will be beautiful.

    • Crafty Gardener

      The poppies I have are constantly spreading to other parts of the garden, even under the fence and into the neighbours yard!! Now the knitted poppies are finished I will get back to my mosaic crochet bag.

  2. Vondean Erickson

    Hi Linda,
    I love poppies and they never did well in my flower garden back home.

    I noticed at Prince Phillip’s funeral they had assortment of photos of him and he had a red poppy in his lapel as a boutoniere. I remember you writing about making some. I think it is so nice to volunteer in care centers and other places. I had hoped to do that here but with everything shut down have not gotten to do it. I did back home and always felt so good doing it.

    Take care

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