Plant Tables

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Every year I have a pot garden and it has grown on platforms that were attached to our deck.  Last year the deck was replaced and the old wood was reused to make plant tables.

plant tables at

A basic frame was made from some 4×4’s and some 2×6’s.  Then across the top are 2×4’s.  They are very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight.  Here is what one of the plant tables over this past winter looked like.

plant tables at

I’m going to like these new plant tables better than the old platforms as I will have the option of moving them around, after removing all the containers.

plant tables at

A piece of trellis was added at one end so that I can grow my scarlet runner beans or another climbing vine up there.

plant tables at

So what was growing in those containers of all shapes and sizes in my kitchen garden (summer 2012)?    Lots and lots of veggies … including tomatoes, onions, peas, carrots, lettuce and beans.

The containers include old metal wash tubs, old buckets, a small recycling bin, a bushel basket and big black pots that once held shrubs from the nursery. Not your usual flower pots.  I’m always thinking outside the pot.  I recently bought some storage totes for a bargain price and they will be used to grow potatoes instead of the old bushel baskets.

I have three plant tables which make my life easier.  Bending and kneeling is hard after knee replacement surgery and these plant tables save my knees and my back.  They also keep those pesky, oops, those cute rabbits from eating the veggies.  I’m really looking forward to planting the kitchen garden this year.

Do you have a kitchen garden?

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