Storage for Muddy Boots

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Wondering what to do with your boots after a day of working in the garden, especially on those days in spring when the gardens are squishy and muddy?

Don’t just leave them on the deck and have them get wet inside if it rains. Build this stand for your boots and you can leave them outside in gardening season.

My husband made this one for me a few years ago and it has been keeping my boots dry since then. I keep it right by the back door so that the boots are easily accessible.

A plus is, when the boots are muddy on the bottom, turning them to face the sun will help dry them out, or if it rains it will wash that mud off for you.

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The base is a piece of recycled deck lumber, 6″ x 2″ x 19″ and the dowels are 1.5″ diameter x 16 ” long.  The dowels are from an old closet rail which are recessed about 1″ into the base and screwed in from the bottom.  The handle is from a broken garden shovel. You could adjust the height of the dowels to suit your boots. Don’t forget those short duck boots need to dry off on the bottom too.

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When you can’t wear those boots anymore, make them into a boot planter

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Just to be on the safe side, don’t take your boots off if you visit my garden, you just might find them planted up with hens & chicks.

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Do you have a way to store your boots when they are wet and muddy?

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Lots of garden whimsy.

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