The Fence Garden

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I started out with this great idea of taking a photo each month, on and around the 25th of the month, to see how the fence garden looked in a comparison to 2012 and 2013.  I posted about the January comparison and I was looking through the March photos I realized I forgot to post about about February. So now it is time to compare February and March photos from 2012 and 2013.


Here is the garden in February 2012 … lots of snow all around.


We looked a little worse than last year for February.  In fact the snow was so deep I didn’t even get into the garden to photograph the fence garden from the same spot.  In fact it is hard to make out the fence garden towards the back center of the photo.


March 2012 was a very early spring.  In fact we were having temperatures in the 20’s and you can see lots of green growth in this fence garden photo.  That really early spring wasn’t good for the gardens as by April we were plummeted into freezing temperatures again and some plants were lost and many local orchards suffered losses to their apple crops as all the blossoms were frozen.


March 2013 is more like a normal winter.  The snow is going down and the edges of the garden, which are cement blocks with a sedum planted in the holes, are showing through.

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