Gardening on the Up and Up

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It is pouring of rain today, so what a great opportunity to sort through photos that I took over the past 2 days … that were perfect weather days for being outside.

My gardening is on the up and up … with tipsy pots and buckets and ladder planters.

My tipsy pots and buckets have been doing really well this year, probably from the rain that is making them grow and grow.

tipsybucketsjune2013a     tipsypotsjune2013b

The tipsy buckets, first year for this up and up gardening, was planted with petunias, some creeping jenny and some wandering jew in the south facing trellis garden.  Some cool nights at the end of May didn’t do well for the wandering jew and some of the leaves turned a bit brown.  Luckily it didn’t affect the whole stem so I was able to pinch off the brown bits and replant the stem.  This is a hardy plant and it seems to be doing just fine now.

The tipsy pots (in a north facing garden) have been planted up with coleus, begonias, creeping jenny, and trailing sedum and is doing quite well.


The ladder planter changes each year.  It has been in various locations in the garden and last year found its home on the deck.  This is my tea thyme planter, although I don’t see any thyme there this year.  I’ll have to remedy that once the rain stops.  The containers are mostly all tea related … old kettles, old cups & saucers, old mugs, never ending tea and my teapot totem.  I had the teapot totem sitting beside the ladder at first then decided to add it right onto the ladder.  The wooden slats are removable so I just took 2 slats away and so the tall totem would sit on a shelf without danger of falling off.

Is your gardening on the up and up?

Another thing I’ve been doing on this rainy morning is claiming my site at Bloglovin and adding a follow button to give my readers another option to follow along.  I’m slow in doing this as a lot of my favourite places are already listed there.  There is a follow button at the bottom of each post and also a link on the Welcome page.  I hope you will follow along with me.  I’m wondering if you are on Bloglovin too?  It’s another great way to stay in touch with blogging friends.

I really appreciated all of you that follow along via email updates, RSS feed, having me in your blogroll, and now at Bloglovin.

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