Who Lives Here?

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I just love to add whimsy to the garden. On one of our trips exploring stores and garden centers in small towns and villages I discovered this little set of a door and 2 windows and just had to have it for the garden. And look, already a garden gnome has come to visit. But where are the fairies?  I guess I wasn’t up early enough to see them.


 I’ll have to plant some foxgloves as legend has it that the fairies sleep in the bell shaped flowers and sometimes wear them as gloves. The spots inside the flowers are supposed to be the fairy footprints. That’s the way to tell if you have fairies in your garden.

Garden fairies come at day, Bless the flowers, then they’re gone.

Here is another little set of windows and door that I found in a dollar store a couple of years ago.


 Other plants associated with fairies are saffron, rosemary and roses. Another legend says that if you take a concoction of thyme the fairies will be more visible to you. After planting the fairy garden, I’ll just have to sit back and believe.

“Just living is not enough” said the butterfly fairy, “one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” from Hans Christian Anderson

 I’ve recently added another little bit of whimsy to the garden.  I took an old birdhouse, added a popsicle stick door and window and created a gnome treehouse.

gnome treehouse2

There is also a small ladder for the gnomes to climb up into the treehouse.

gnome treehouse1

What fun for the little children to wonder who lives up in the treehouse.  But you don’t have to be a little person to enjoy them.

Do you have any magical garden whimsy?

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