Crochet: It’s Flossie Bird

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It’s spring and the birds are retuning to the garden. I’ve seen and heard robins, red wing black birds, cardinals, bluejays, sparrows, nuthatches, woodpeckers and more.

And look … here is a rare bird sighting.
It’s a … ah … um … duh … Flossie bird.

Flossie Bird at

This bird isn’t found in any birding book but you can catch a glimpse of it at Attic 24. It was a fun and quick pattern to make up. Of course I had to tweak it a bit and instead of using yarn I used embroidery floss.  I save them for small needlework projects or perhaps I save them because I just can’t throw anything away. And wouldn’t it be just the same as using crochet thread, except it would be just a bit thicker and come in a variety of colours. Well, now I’ve got a new way to use them up because I don’t do much embroidery or needlework anymore.

With spring coming I think I need some more flossie birds to hang in a tree.  I love having little projects to work on while watching some of my favourite shows on tv … Miss Fisher mysteries, Father Brown, Coronation Street, A Place to Call Home, and more British tv shows.

Here are two colourful camera straps made out of embroidery floss.  I guesstimated (don’t you just love neat words?) how many stitches were needed to wrap around the strap and worked a few rows in double crochet with a 3.5 cm hook. After measuring and readjusting a couple of times I got the right width (15 seemed to work well). From then on it was just continue in dc until I had the right length. Then it was a quick row of joining to form the tube and then slipping them onto the straps.  I suppose I could of worked it in the round by joining the first stitch but it didn’t occur to me at the time.

crocheted camera straps at

I’m hoping the bright colours don’t scare the birds away … but it just might attract more flossie birds. And perhaps it will be a great conversation starter and I’ll meet more photographers on my favourite walks down by the bay or out and about on my travels. If you see someone with a colourful camera strap, please stop and say Hi, it just might be me.

These strap covers have been washed numerous times so it is time to start working on new ones and this time I’ll work it in the round.

Besides these 2 projects I’ve also used embroidery floss to add features to the little felt birds I made.  The patterns either came from Creative Cain Cabin,  Downeast Thunder Farm or Bugs & Fishes.  This collection of felt birds is used to decorate nature tree at Christmas.

I’m an avid reader and also crochet bookmarks with embroidery thread.


I’ve made keychains or fobs using plastic canvas and embroidery floss.  The pattern shows one that I made for Girl Guide leaders but the pattern was changed to make other ones as well.  This pattern piece is 20 holes wide by 60 holes long, with the center piece being one 5 holes wide.

key chains/fobs made with plastic canvas and embroidery floss at

That covers 5 embroidery floss projects that I’ve made over the years to share with Five on Friday

I’ve still got lots of embroidery thread left so I’m thinking about what to make next. Do you have any suggestions for me?

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