The Driftwood Starburst

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From my collection of collected driftwood from British Columbia I’ve made a driftwood starburst.  This was one of my winter crafting projects and I can’t wait to get it outside in a permanent home.

The fun part was collecting the driftwood with the grandkids on our visits to British Columbia and then finding spots to stash it all into the suitcases.  Thank goodness it doesn’t weigh very much.

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I knew I wanted to make a starburst but needed some sort of backing.  On a trip to the thrift store I found an old cutting board for a couple of dollars.  It was rectangular in shape, but that was okay, as it could be cut into the square that I wanted for the base.

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The driftwood was arranged on the base and then I used the nailer to fasten them into place.  If you are making this with kids you might want to be in control of the nailer.

making a driftwood starburst at

I’ve tried it outside in a few different places.  I need to determine what sort of hanging device I will add to the back when it gets in the permanent position.  I’ve got a couple to try out but just need some warmer weather to work outside.

making a driftwood starburst at

I had it resting on a log in the farmyard garden when I took this photo.  My other project with driftwood was a spinner.

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