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For those that still use bar soap, here is a quick and easy idea to make a soap holder. A soap holder, a bar of local homemade soap and a homemade crochet facecloth would make a lovely gift.

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I realize that many people use liquid soap now, but I still prefer a homemade bar of soap from local Canadian entrepreneurs. Supporting small local business is very important at this time. The big box stores that sell soap don’t need your money but the small, independent person appreciates all the help they can get.

These are easily made from small pieces of wood, preferably a hard wood like maple or cedar. Pine does work but it is more absorbent.

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The wood is cut into blocks, 6.5×10.5 cm. The top of the block has 4 cuts/slits made in it and the bottom has 2 cuts/slits. The slits are about 1 cm in depth. Where the top and bottom cuts cross a small hole is drilled for drainage. The above and below photos show how a circular saw was used for making the recessed slits (hard to get a clear photo while the saw was in motion). The bottom image above shows the drainage hole when the holder was held up to the light.

making a soap holder at

After cutting and drilling a sander was used to smooth away any rough edges.

making a soap holder at

This bar of soap was made by the Manitoulin Soap Factory and sold in a local store. By purchasing this soap I was supporting a local business and a Canadian soap company.

With the encouragement to wash your hands all the time during this covid19 crisis I’m using more soap.

In a regular soap dish the water drains off the soap and sits in the bottom of the dish and then the bottom of the soap gets mushy. This soap holder won’t let your soap get mushy.

I originally saw this item for sale at a craft show a few years ago and used the idea to make some for myself.

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16 Responses

  1. Linda

    Your talents never cease to amaze me Linda, that is amazing and you make it sound so easy, unfortunately woodwork is something I have never tried and I haven’t got any of the equipment. I wish they had taught us girls woodwork at school when I think of all the stuff I could have made through the years. xx

  2. Myrtle

    I love your soap holders Linda but I am a liquid soap person. If I have special bars of soap I put them in my bedroom dresser drawers.

    • Crafty Gardener

      My grandkids use liquid soap all the time too Myrt. I even make my own liquid soap, but do prefer a bar of soap for beside the kitchen sink and for use in the bath. I always think you get more for your money from a bar of soap, but that is just my way of thinking. No rain in our area last night or this morning, still hoping for a good soaking. I’d even be willing to use the dryer instead of the clothes line if it would rain!!!

  3. Michelle

    Very cool soap holder! (Cool soap you’re using too.) Look for your soap holder to be featured in this week’s Creative Compulsions.


  4. Julie

    This looks so cool! What a lovely gift this would be with a bar of a locally made soap. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Handmade Monday.
    We have a fb group and a pinterest board is you’d ever like to join and share your projects there too. (details are on any Handmade Monday post)

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Julie, I was following the Pinterest board, and just applied to join as well. I’ll check out the Facebook page, though I’m not a great Facebook user.

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