Chipping is Digging

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Do you have a love hate relationship with the chipmunks that reside in and around your garden?   I love to watch their cute antics but I hate it when they dig in the pots I’ve just planted with fresh seed.  Our resident chipmunk is always bounding around the garden and stuffing its cheeks with seeds and peanuts.  I sometimes think he has more seeds and nuts stored in his home than we have in the seed bins.

Recently I caught the Chippy busily digging in a pot I had just emptied of onions.

Did he suddenly remember that he buried a peanut in that same pot in the early spring?  Or was it just wishful thinking on his part that he would unearth a peanut.

Who is that watching me with a camera?

Will they know I’ve been digging around in the dirt?  I’m not worried I’m going to keep digging.

And look what I found … a tasty peanut.  I’ll rush away with it and store it in my home for winter.

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