Being Led Down the Garden Path

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Here’s a whimsical way to be led down the garden path.

The Crafty Side of me used old garden tools to make a  simple sign pointing the way to the garden.  As you can tell I hate throwing things away and I’m always looking for ways to give them new life.  The sign was made from an old piece of deck board, cut to point visitors in the right direction. 

a quick and easy garden sign to make at

I painted the letters on using some acrylic paint and screwed an old trowel to also point the way.  You could fancy it up a bit by adding some decorative edges or small flowers, but I just wanted it plain and simple.

There is a path down the side of the garage that leads into the back garden.  The lilac bushes give this area lots of shade in the summer.  The photo on the left shows the path at the beginning of the season and the one on the right shows it after a couple of additions during the year.

the path garden at the path garden at

 I have lots of dangly things, wind chimes and birdhouses hanging on the bushes.  I toyed with calling it Dangle-on Alley, sort of a play on words for Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter series.  I have a second brick inuksuk along this path as well.

the path garden at

I’m also thinking of calling it Rocky Lane as recently I’ve been putting lots of interesting rocks I had in the back garden and my painted rocks, but for now it is just called the garden path.

the path garden at

The rock houses look like they need a bit of touch up after a few years in various spots in the garden.  I suppose that would be a good winter project to work on.  They are safely stored in the garage for the upcoming winter.

the path garden at

Moving to the end of the path you can see an old gate.  It doesn’t open any more (it is also a leftover from an old deck gate).  The hosepipe wreath went through an update recently.  There are lots of lovely cooling shadows before turning and entering the sunny back yard.

Even though the dangly decorations go away for the winter the garden sign sill hangs at the beginning of the path pointing the way to the garden.  The lilac bushes still have a few leaves on them but the garden path is looking quite bare now it is November.

a quick and easy garden sign to make at

This photo was taken last winter after one of the many snow storms.

a quick and easy garden sign to make at

It’s a quick and easy project to make and would make a great gift for the gardener on your Christmas list.

I’m sharing with Mosaic Monday.

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re-using old garden tools at

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