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Turn an old cd into a stained glass decoration.

Take the old cds you have and start to strip off the shiny part.  You score it just a little bit and then use some wide sticky tape, the stickier the better.  Press the tape onto the shiny part and then pull quickly, and presto the shiny part starts to come off.  Do it over and over until you are left with a clear disc.

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Trace the cd onto white paper, two per page.  Draw your design.  I did mine freehand so they don’t look perfect.  I also found out not to make the sections too small.

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After you have drawn a few designs, use a bit of tape to secure the clear disc over the pattern.

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Using a simulated black leading paint, trace over the design.  Then let dry totally.  I did a few outlines at a time as this is not a quick project.

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Once dry, remove from the pattern paper and you are ready to paint.  Using a stained glass paint you carefully fill in the different sections.  I found using a wooden lazy susan helped as you could turn the disc to easily get to all sides without reaching over the top.  I found out that as the paint dries it shrinks a little so be sure to get the coloured paint right up again the black leading.  With each cd I did I got a little bit better.  Here are some in various stages of painting.

how tomato a stained glass cd at

In some spots I used a wooden toothpick the extend the paint into the corners and pointy bits.  If you feel comfortable doing all the various sections at the same time, go for it.  I tended to do a few, then leave it to dry while I worked on another disc.  This is not a project that you will finish in one day as you really need to let the coloured paint dry.  It goes on thick and looks dark but as it dries it becomes opaque.

how tomato a stained glass cd at

Once the coloured paint is dry I was able to go over some of the black leading areas to fill it in a bit more.  But I found as I did more cds the better I got at putting it on the first time.  Everything is a learning experience.

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I used a loop fishing line through the hole on the cd for hanging.  I hung them on the gazebo to start with and they moved gently in the breeze or flew all over the place in the wind.   I also found that having them in the direct sun made the paint a bit sticky.

Using s hooks I have hung them on the rim of my fern pots by the garage.  They don’t get direct sun there and they twirl gently in the breeze.

how tomato a stained glass cd at

I used Gallery Glass paint by Plaid and this is not a sponsored post.  I purchased my paint at Gallery Glass is a water soluble glass, and technically recommended for projects that will be outside.

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  1. Jennifer Jilks

    Oh, no! I don’t think I get my grandies back this summer! They are going on a safari tomorrow. I don’t know if I can remember this one, either! Well done.

  2. Myrtle

    They are beautiful Linda! I just couldn’t see me doing these, I am am not artistically indevoured, nor do I have the patience for something like this, wish I was. I don’t know where my girls got it from. It is a great past time for you right now.

  3. Teresa

    I love them. I’m thinking this could be a cool summer craft to make with the kids.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  4. Julie Cartwright

    These look really good and I guess when the sun shines on them even better, nice crafty idea.
    How have you been I hope you are well?

      • Julie Cartwright

        That’s good to hear, I don’t know if you are coping well with the heat It is quite hot here in my part of the UK we are not used to this and Bruno dose not know where to put himself. Enjoy your weekend.

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