CD Scratch Art

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If you are like me you have an abundance of CDs.  There was a time when you got all sorts of them with free programs, or you have a lot of old ones from computer storage.  I’m a saver, and have a big box full of them.  I’m always trying to use them in whimsical craft projects.

The latest idea I tried was scratch art.  I remember doing this type of craft years and years ago in public school.  You coloured a sheet of paper in all different colours and then coloured the whole thing over in black.  With the end of a pin you scratched away your picture.  It was messy then and this craft is still messy.   If you can do this project outside that would really help with the clean up as it can get to be messy once you start scratching.

The first job is to paint the CD on the shiny side.  Black seems to be the popular colour but you could try any dark shade you wish. The shiny part of the cd shows up really well against black. You also need to gather up some tools (small screw driver, pins, nail file or anything with a sharp end) for scratching and a pencil to draw your design.

how to do scratch art on a cd at

Try to get the paint as smooth as you can.  I found it best to go round and round to follow the CD.  Leave it to dry.

how to do scratch art on a cd at

With the pencil lightly draw on a pattern and then with a scratching tool being to carefully scratch away the paint.  This is the part to do outside as the bits of black paint get everywhere.  The shiny part of the CD starts to show through and depending on the light it will look different colours.

how to do scratch art on a cd at

This is another design I did.  I already had 2 CDs glued together from another project so I used that one with a different design on each side.  Here are both sides.

how to do scratch art on a cd at

A hole was drilled at the top and three holes at the bottom.  I didn’t want the holes filling up with paint so drilled them after the project was complete.  The top for hanging and the bottom for decoration.  I used fishing line and some beads that match the colours when the sun shines on the cd.

how to do scratch art on a cd at
how to do scratch art on a cd at

It’s on a plant hanger on my front patio and the breeze makes it twirl so you can see both sides.

how to do scratch art on a cd at

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  1. Myrtle

    You did a great job on those CDs Linda. I could not do that,the best I can do is write and it is not that great.

  2. Margie

    You’ve scored another hit with this neat art project!

  3. Teresa

    Nice. I had no idea you could even do this with CDs. Thank you for joining The Really Crafty Link Party, and enjoy the rest of your week. Pinned.

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