Splish … Splash

Splish Splash I was taking a bath. Does your memory stretch back to that song by Bobby Darin?  I do believe I have that song on a 45 record … have you got any of those?

enjoying the old glass birdbath at craftygardener.ca
a sparrow enjoying splashing and a splashing

I had made 2 different birdbaths, one for the front and one for the back garden.   The one in the back garden had more visitors than the one in the front garden.  One day it got knocked over and the top came off, and part of it cracked, so it got put in the garage cupboard along with the other one and I forgot all about.

recycling old glass into a birdbath at craftygardener..ca
repairing the old glass birdbath

This year it was time to revisit the old glass birdbath and fix it up for out in the garden. First off was to remove the old glue which had yellowed a bit. E6000 really sticks, but with a little solvent (I used nail polish removed) it did come off.

E6000 takes up to 24 hours to totally set or cure. A little tip a friend shared with me was to use a dab from a glue gun along with the E6000 to hold it in place as the E6000 tends to be slippery and the pieces might move a bit before it starts to set. It worked a treat. Thanks Gail.

recycling old glass into a birdbath at craftygardener..ca
bird bath made with old glass

There is a thin glass bottle inside the big vase and that is what slips over the metal rod in the ground to keep the birdbath upright.

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  1. Myrtle

    I remember you making these, another friend has mad some also. I checked back into the other sights They are very nice Linda. The bird baths are so cute in your gardens and it seems the birds like them too.

  2. Jennifer Jilks

    This is a fun one. We cannot have any still water bird baths, though. Too many mosquitoes! I have pumps in both of mine.

    • Crafty Gardener

      I was just checking out solar powered motor to keep the water moving in the big birdbath as we don’t have access to hydro where it is situated.

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